We have implemented some new office protocols to lessen the potential exposure to COVID-19 to both our employees and our patients.

We realize that it will take some time to get used to, but we want to do our part to keep our community healthy.

  1. When you arrive for your appointment, we request that you stay in our brand new reception area, more commonly known as your vehicle. Call (928) 772-7353 to let us know you have arrived. We will contact you when your assistant is ready to see you.
  2. Only scheduled patients are permitted in the office and masks are required for all visitors at this time. An exception is made for minor children requiring necessary assistance. Please be aware there will not be any seating available in the usual reception area and comforts such as toys, magazines and refreshments are not available. Sadly, you’ll also be missing out on Dr. Rob’s music and rockstar singing voice while you wait in your vehicle. Rest assured, this is only a temporary hiccup and you’ll have your live entertainment back in no-time.
  3. Once you have been invited into the office for your appointment, please brush your teeth and thoroughly wash your hands before you are seen by your assistant.
  4. For parents waiting in their vehicle who need to communicate with the assistant, please let us know when you check in and the assistant will communicate directly with you when the appointment is complete.

As always, our staff will be practicing with the utmost precaution and care. Our team members are screened prior to beginning their duties for the symptoms commonly associated with exposure to SARS-CoV-2. Additionally, employee temperatures are taken to ensure no fevers are present. Please know we will continue to do our part behind the scenes to ensure your comfort and safety by following all CDC guidelines.